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Shri Somnath Temple : Nrutrya Mandap Shri Krishna Temple - Dwarka : Replace New Pillars without affecting temple Panchdev Temple : Gandhinagar Shri Manav Mandir - Ahmedabad : This Temple Build on a Single Pillar Shri Vadvada Dev Temple : Dudhai Jain Derasarji - Botad : This is Panch Kalyanak Derasarji Shri Harsiddhmata Temple : Ladol Shree Ram Temple - Rajkot Shri Digambar Jain Derasar - Surat Shri Shantisagar Smruti Mandir - Kishangarh Shri Umiya Mata Temple - Gathila Shri Yoganandji Guru Temple Shri Meldimata Temple - Sachana Shri Meldimata Temple - Sachana Palace

About Us

I hereby have the honour of introducing myself, Ghanshyam C. Sompura owner of R.G STONECRAFTS, expert in Temple Construction with Vastushastra & Shilpshastra and sandstone mines owner at Dhrangadhra. From centuries Sompuras are known for its ART and CRAFTSMANSHIP and even my family is carrying on this tradition.

For generations, we have been planned, designed, constructed so many temples across India. we have also restored and preserved the rich architectural marvels of India – The homes of Gods, Emperors, Kings and Noblemen. In fact, the Archaeological Survey of India relies on our expertise and skills to restore heritage. Recognition and acknowledgement have come our way not only from the Indian Government but from Foreign Ministries too.

Today, by blending the art of intricate hand carving with machine carving, we the fourth generation stone carvers are bringing this beautiful art closer to you. We are constructed many Temple and Our team of gifted artisans are turning stone into enduring works of art. Each piece is custom made with great care and loving attention to last more than 600 years!

Our Construction projects are Somnath Nrutyamandap at Somnath, Ram Mandir at near Rajkot, Panchdev Temple at Gandhinagar, Manav Mandir at Ahmedabad, Shwetamber Jain Temple at Botad, Digamber Jain Temple at Surat, Kankai Mandir at Madhya Gir, Jagjivan Bapu Sevashram at Simar, Bahucharaji (Warakhdi) Temple at Bahucharaji, Umiya Mataji Mandir at Gathila (Junagadh), Shri Narendranath ji Maharaj (Jagat Guru Sankracharya) Temple work, Shri Meladi Mataji temple at Sachana (Gujarat), Laxmi Narayan Temple at Khoda (Gujarat), Shri Goga Maharaj Temple at Chibhada, Vidhyasagarji Tapovan at Tarangaji, Swetamber Jain temple at Andheri (Mumbai), Smruti mandir at kishangadh (Rajasthan), Digamber Jain Temple at Dindori (M.P.) and many others projects across India.

And our renovation work are Krishna temple at Dwarka, Sun Temple at Modhera, Adalaj Vav near Ahmedabad, Baba lovely Masjid, Sayyed Usman Masjid & Muhafiz Khan Mosque at Ahmedabad, Sarangpur Gate at Ahmedabad, , Surya Kund at Simar, Archaeology Department works like 13AD Shiv Temple at Puneshwar (Kutch), Surya Temple, Jain Temple and Kanthkot Gate at Kanthkot (Kutch) and many others projects.

We design all the religious structures in accordance to the ancient India Temple Shilpshastra and Vastushashtra. All proportions, details and forms are derived from intensive study of aspects like Nakshashtras (Constellations of stars), Disha (direction) and name of the deity etc.

The entire temple is designed in AutoCAD 2D & 3D then we represent the temple design as 3D Animation walkthrough to the client. We produce individual drawings for each and every stone ,which goes into making the temple with a distinctive number.

"As a company our GOAL is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary."

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